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Little Rock Lawyer specializing in Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, Personal Injury, Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect, Family Law and Workers Comp.

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We get results by negotiating from a position of strength. Truth is the greatest asset to any case. The Childers Law Firm is dedicated to pursuing truth and justice without fail.  We counsel our clients to be completely honest throughout the process, and we demand complete disclosure of all relevant facts, whether good or bad. Although some lawyers may try to hide the truth or skirt around it, we embrace the truth and use its power to obtain the best results for our clients. With the truth on our side, impeccable credibility and a track record for pursuing justice, the other side knows we mean business.

Not only do we focus on results, but we also do it quickly. Some cases we resolve within 30 days of signing up the client. Other cases can take years to resolve, but we have developed a system to get fast results on cases that are ripe for early settlement. Again, because we have complete disclosure in our dealings, we put pressure on the opposing side to settle quickly out of fear that failing to settle quickly could result in prolonged litigation. At Childers Law Firm, we know how to capitalize on the opposing parties' indecisiveness by placing them in fear of potential litigation.

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Adam was always on top of my legal issues and it was reassuring to know that he was willing to go the extra mile in getting a resolution.

by Samuel Miles, Project Manager

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