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 Drug Defense

As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I focused solely on drug prosecutions for an extended length of time. I know what issues to raise and look for in cases that involve warrants, warrantless searches, and Confidential Informants (CI's). I prefer handling cases where an individual has been charged with drug possession, intent to distribute, delivery, manufacturing and/or trafficking. I pursue every possible suppression issue and enjoy going to court to litigate the issues. I have the knowledge and expertise in these cases to put forth the best possible defenses in attempting to have the charges dismissed or the individual found not guilty.  

An arrest on any Drug related offense can have the potential to alter your life. Allegations of drug possession, intent to distribute, delivery, trafficking, or manufacturing have serious penalties and jail time. Certain charges, such as trafficking methamphetamines and cocaine, carry the 70% rule. Wherein a person found guilty on such charges must serve 70% of their sentence before becoming parole eligible.

In addition to the serious consequences that come with drug charges, there is a mandatory six (6) months driver's license suspension in the State of Arkansas for any type of plea of guilty or nolo contendere, or finding of guilt for any criminal offense involving the illegal possession or use of controlled substances or of any drug offense. Additionally, acceptance and enrollment in a specialty court will carry a six (6) months driver's license suspension in Arkansas.

Over the last several years, changes to the Marijuana laws have caused Prosecuting Attorney's Offices to routinely reduce criminal penalties for low-level marijuana possession. Criminal charges are still possible, however, for possession of a small amount, as well as for distribution or trafficking. In addition to charges involving marijuana, our firm also helps clients charged with crimes related to:

  • Cocaine and crack cocaine;
  • Heroin;
  • Methamphetamines;
  • LSD; and
  • Prescription drugs.


There are number of issues to be concerned with after the recent electoral victory for Medical Marijuana in Arkansas. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is now accepting applications for cultivation facilities and dispensaries. Medical Marijuana registry cards will be issued to qualifying individuals, but being able to legally use Medical Marijuana does not change the fact that you can still be charged and convicted of Marijuana possession if you do not have a state issued medical marijuana registry card. Even with a medical marijuana registry card you can still be charged with a DWI-Drugs if you get behind the wheel and an officer believes you are impaired. There are number of issues that will be sorted out in the next few years concerning the legal implications of medical marijuana use and if you have any questions fell free to call.

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